As your business grows, your


accounting & financial  

processes become more complex and time consuming. You need a powerful

accounting software


which is easy to use but takes care of your ever increasing requirements. With


Tally.ERP 9 you can:-

Enhance your business' cash flow

Receivable and Payables
Improve your business' working capital and manage your outstanding with ease.
Cash Flow and Fund Flow
Master financial planning by estimating your business' funds source and usage.
Payment performance of debtors
Keep a check on the time taken by your customer's to pay your money and review your credit policy.

Expedite your business transactions

Multi-Currency Accounting
Capitalise on every business opportunity by transacting in any currency.
Cheque Management
Reduce scope of errors and remove uncertainty while transacting via cheques.
Integrated Invoicing
Perform quick invoicing by generating bills inclusive of tax and value your customers' time.

Regulate your business expenses

Scenario Management
Prepare and cater to all extra business expenses by considering every possibility.
Budget & Controls
Utilise your business funds efficiently and control your expenditure.
Credit Management
Minimize bad debt and improve your business' cash flow by allotting varying credit limits to different parties.

Boost your business' profitability

Cost and profit centres
Create as many as you want on the basis of departments, product verticals, employees etc. and analyse their performance separately.
Item and invoice wise profitability
Estimate profits item and invoice wise and rework on the non-performing products.